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Testimonials 2006

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Congratulations for all of the updates to your site! I finally have photos to share with you of the sideboard that we purchased this summer. I LOVE IT! We get so many compliments on the piece, and I could not be more pleased with it. We did indeed have to cut a large rectangular hole in the back for our media equipment to fit, but it also helps to ventilate it so it doesn't get too heated with the equipment hidden away. Re-doing our family room was our 10th anniversary gift to each other, and this piece was a wonderful addition to our room. My husband is concerned now with my desire to have a few more of your pieces in other areas of our home!

Thank you again and I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season!!



Elkridge, MD

Chinese Antique Sideboard
Chinese Antique Natural Sideboard

Our experience purchasing online from you was a joy.We were hesitant to buy the cabinet and painting online because it's hard to tell what it's really like.Through our emails and phone conversations you were very reasurring that these were exceptional items.They certainly were and we thank you. It was a pleasure working with you on this purchase.
Our best.

C & I E
Orlando, FL

Chinese Antique Sideboard Thai Artwork Pyramid of Life
Chinese Sideboard Thai Contemporary Artwork

Hi Ruth-
My BEAUTIFUL cabinets arrived last night. I keep looking at them as they are incredible.
They will drive me to re-do the living room, but I knew that when I purchased them
I just wanted to let you know that I am so happy with my purchase and will keep an eye on your site for other pieces.

Fort Myers, FL

Pair of Chinese Black Lacquer Armoires
Pair of Chinese Decorated Armoires

The stone heads arrived and are truly elegant! When you get the chance, will you please send me a sales receipt for them--and the pair of cabinets before that--for my records; I especially appreciate the "certificate of antiquity" you furnished for the desk and tea tables. Have a great holiday season and the best 2007!

Mountain Lakes, NJ

Chinese Antique Sculpture Chinese Antique Stone Sculpture
Jadite Kwan Yin Jadite Kwan Yin
Pair of Chinese Lacquer Armoires
Pair of Decorated Armoires

Hi, Ruth:

Our sideboard arrived safely in New Orleans this week, and it is as beautiful as we anticipated from the photos you previously provided. Now that we have one antique by Zaar here, and one in Connecticut, we are delighted that we have the opportunity to enjoy your beautiful pieces virtually all the time. Sorry - we're declaring a moratorium on any more houses!

All the best,

New Orleans, LA

Mongolian Antique Sideboard
Mongolian Antique Sideboard

Hi Ruth,

The stools arrived last night and they as spectacular! Totally worth the wait.

Thank you and happy holidays!



Washington, DC

Chinese Ceramic Stools
Chinese Antique Porcelain Stools

Hi, Mark and Ruth:

Thank you for sending the piece (peaceful meditation, the long piece) to Atherton, CA to me. I received it about a week or so ago. It is really beautiful. I love it!! I want to wish you and your family an early Happy Thanksgiving!!!

With appreciation,



Atherton, CA

Thia Original Artwork
Thai Buddist Artwork

Hi Ruth;

A quick note to let you know that we received the sideboard yesterday. It
was so exciting to unwrap it. We love it; the color, the size, the finish, and the overall look. I will send you picture when the room is finished. We
are waiting on art work now!

Well, just wanted to thank you. Take care,

Palos Verdes Estate, CA

Chinese Antique Sideboard
Chinese Antique Sideboard

Hey Ruth,

I recieved my cabinet today in perfect condition!! Thank you so much for the beautiful piece of furniture. I also wanted to add that your drivers were courteous, friendly, and professional. Thanks again, and I look forward to my next order!

Chicago, IL

Chinese Antique Black Cabinet
Chinese TV converted Cabinet

The furniture was delivered yesterday in good condition with no problems. The piece is beautiful. It works perfectly in our front room. That took a
little time, but everything looks fine.

thanks again for a wonderful piece of furniture

Champaign, IL

Chinese Antique Wardrobe
Chinese Antique Wardrobe

The bed arrived in good condition. It looks just like the pictures, I am very pleased.

Naples, FL

Chinese Antique Canopy Bed
Chinese Antique Canopy Bed


Just wanted to let you know that we have received the cabinet and that my father was very, very happy with it - it was exactly what he had been looking for and it was perfect for the application. I told you that my mom was quite good with ceramics, and some of her lanterns (orient style) and turned works look perfectly at home showcased in and on the cabinet. The artwork on the inside door faces added a very unusual and pleasant touch, and my sister-in-law (the art conservator I told you about) was very impressed and delighted with the piece as well. It was a pleasure working with you during this time, and my dad and I just wanted to let you know how happy we were with the product and the customer service we received.

Thanks again,
H & E C
Kenmore, NY

Chinese Antique Red Wardrobe
Chinese Antique Red Cabinet

Hi Ruth -

We received the very well packaged coffee table today. It is gorgeous! It's larger than we thought (even though we measured), but it is wonderful.

Thanks so much!



Seattle, WA

Chinese Antique Screen Coffee Table
Screen Coffee Table

Hi Ruth! I received my items and absolutely love them!!!! Thanks so much!



Houston, TX

Chinese Antique Sideboard Pair of Chinese Antique Chests
Chinese Antique Armoire

Dear Ruth,

The beautiful armoires and coffee table arrived July 19th in the afternoon and we left the following day for the mainland. We just got back to Hawaii last night. I wanted to write to you sooner but we were very busy getting
ready for our trip.

Ruth, the pair of armoires are much more beautiful than the photos revealed. They look much, much better than I had expected. We are all so very pleased with them! They are in perfect condition and I can't tell you enough how very beautiful and elegant they look. The coffee table is also very
beautiful and also looks better than the photo of the website. It is also in perfect condition and the carving could not be more beautiful.

Thank you so very much for all your help and patience. It is very reassuring to know that I can order anything from your website and be so
surprised to find the items much better than I had imagined.

Honolulu, Hawaii

Chinese Antique Coffee Table Chinese Antique Armoires

received today. PERFECT!!! Please add me to the reference list.....you folks are awesome. ...

they are a perfect match.

Great stuff and beautiful colors and work. Couldn't be happier.

best regards and I will be in touch!
thanks to Mark and to your trucking company as well.

Pittsfield, MA
Chinese Antique Decorated Sideboard Chinese Decorated Armoire


Sideboard arrived yesterday, on-time and exactly as described. Very, very pleased with you, Zaar, and of course, the piece itself. Seldom, I have found, do things go exactly as planned to conclude with such a welcomed outcome.

Thank you.

Rockville, MD
Chinese Antique Black Sideboard

furniture arrived yesterday. great piece... great shipper. we will be in touch again soon.

Sewell, NJ
Mongolian Antique Sideboard

This is just a short note to let you know that the table arrived yesterday, before noon, in absolutely perfect condition. It is even more beautiful in person! Many thanks for your arranging the delivery in record time. As soon as we receive some new couches that will go in the same area, we will send you a photo so that you can add it to your gallery if you so wish.

All the best,

Ames, IA
Chinese Antique Screen Coffee Table

Hi Ruth,

The big shipment arrived yesterday.

One of the small yellow cabinets arrived today.

Everything looks great.

Thanks for your help,
Houston, TX
Chinese Antique Cabinets Chinese antique Stools
Chinese Antique Coffee Table Chinese Antique Benches

Dear Ruth,

I just wanted to let you know how much we love the drums. They arrived in perfect condition and we are so pleased.

Thank you so much,

Silverdale, WA
Chinese Antique Drums


I just wanted to let you know that the sideboard arrived this morning, and
it is beautiful...not to mention perfect for the space. I will be sure to
send photos when we get the equipment in it and accessorize abit.

Thanks so much for everything!

Elkridge, MD

Dear Ruth,

A busy schedule has prevented me from writing to you sooner to let you
know how much I like the "new" antiques. Even my husband, who shows
disdain whenever I purchase a modern piece, thinks the daybed and
sideboard are beautiful.

I'll send photos when I get a chance to arrange the pieces in our
"ballroom" the way I would like them to be and also when I get the time
to make a cushion for the daybed.

I finally tore myself away from looking at the antiques on your web
site long enough to take a peek at your "about us" page and was
delighted to see the photo of you with your son and daughters. You have
a lovely family. It was also nice to read about your past as a
missionary. My husband and I studied Taoism and feel that selfless
service to others is an important aspect of our being.

Congratulations on the birth of the puppies!!!!

That's all for now - I'll keep in touch with you every once in a while.
Keep those newsletters coming, I relate to your busy family life and
your farm up there in Maine and enjoy reading about your thoughts
regarding your children.

Norwich, NY

Chinese Antique Natural Carved Cabinet

Chinese Antique Opium Bed

Dear Ruth,

The boys arrived early this morning. The piece is really wonderful. My husband just got home, and he really loves it too.

All the best,.

Catskill, NY
Customer Since September 2002

Mongolian Antique Sideboard


Thank you — it arrived and it looks great. Fits, and all is well.
Thank you,

New York, NY

Chinese Antique Low Sideboard

The table arrived and it is perfect. Thank you so
much. It is gorgeous. I'll send pictures soon -

Lawrenceville, NJ

Chinese Antique Desk


Table looks absolutely perfect. Thanks so much.

New York, NY

Chinese Black Console Table

Hi, Ruth:

The sideboard arrived in great shape. As expected, it is more beautiful "in the flesh" than the catalogue photos indicate. We are truly pleased, and doing business with you was more like acquiring a new friend than engaging in a commercial exercise.

We'll be back for more!

All the best,

Madison, CT

Chinese Antique Red Sideboard

Hi Ruth-

LOVE the cabinet!

My husband and I are thrilled with it! We were very nervous since we had never bought an antique without 'seeing it' but we love it! Since it's our first piece of furniture for our future daughters room I will send a picture of the piece in the room once we get it set for her arrival.

Thanks again for all of your help with the purchase. We will shop with you again...soon!

P.S.-The driver was great too, nice guy and very careful!



Arlington Heights, IL

Chinese Antique Natural Cabinet


The sideboard arrived yesterday and it is fantastic. Better than I even imagined. The truck driver was so efficient and pleasant. What a great experience. I'll surely buy more from you and I'm going to tell all my friends. thanks again.

La Quinta, CA

Chinese Antique Natural Sideboard


Bench arrived. Looks great. Thanks again.

Washington, DC
Customer since March 2004

The pieces arrived today and we love them! I was a little worried about the age on the painted piece, but it's absolutely beautiful. I'll send some photos once they're settled.

J & S U
Lewisburg, WV

Ruth, The wonderful chest arrived and it is perfect for the spot it was selected
for!!!! I love it!!
I must comment on Wayne, the deliverer. He readjusted his delivery time to
accommodate my schedule. I had a sister visiting from Michigan and needed
to pick her up during the delivery window. Wayne changed his schedule to
fit this time. I really appreciated this "extra touch"
I am busy selecting what goes into it. I will definitely be a repeat buyer!
Enjoy these years with your children, they pass SO quickly!!!!
Regards and thanks,

Messa, AZ

I've been meaning to phone or write you, but got somewhat sidetracked.

Ruth, the furniture is gorgeous. Pictures do not do justice to the beauty of each piece. I am so happy with each purchase. Thank you.

Hope all is good with your family!
Jacksonville, FL


The sideboard looks FANTASTIC!! It is absolutely the right piece and I am very pleased. I’ll send you a picture. I’m glad I waited for this one.We stopped for dinner on the way home, so it was a bit late. That did not stop my determination to get the piece in the door however!! All the best with your business, and please keep me on your newsletter list. I hope to buy again sometime.



Needham, MA

Hi Ruth,

Just thought I would drop a line to you and let you know I had my furniture delivered yesterday.It is beautiful. It was clean when it arrived and the lines on the front doors make it unique.I am very pleased with the cabinet and thank you for being easy to work with. I also thought you should know that the company you use for delivery was great. The young man who delivered the piece was very careful and considerate. He was so nice that we sent him on his way with a bag full of snacks and soda for his long trip.

Thanks again and I hope to buy from you again,



Chesterfield, MO

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